Sarah Palin has received a ton of press since she has come on the scene.  She can be a polarizing political figure for many. One thing most everyone can agree on, however, is the eyewear she has looks great on her! Her first glasses that she came to be known for are the Kawasaki 704 rimless in a customized sharp rectangle. We have sold Kawasaki rimless eyewear for years. They are made extremely well and are durable. They have a unique design for rimless eyewear that allows the hardware to be attached putting very little pressure on the lenses themselves. This helps not get the cracking that happens with typical rimless frames.  We have been very pleased that a small independent designer for eyewear has had so much more attention!

Sarah Palin in Kawasaki Eyewear

Heres a little video for first time contact lens wearers to review. Its a nice video about inserting and removing the contacts. Dr Rick highly suggests you watch this video to familiarize yourself with how they work before you come in for your exam.

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Will Smith is wearing sunglasses from SALT Optics style Topher in the new MIB 3! Salt Optics is known for fantastic frames handmade in Japan featuring the ultimate in polarized lenses. SALT Optics is a small independent company that makes great eyewear and can be found in St Louis only at The Eye Bar!

will smith sunglasses - men in black - salt optics

We typically don't like clothing manufactures when it comes to eyewear at The Eye Bar. Gucci, Prada, Ferragamo, Coach, Juicy Couture, Bvlgari, Fendi. I can't tell the difference. They all seem the same.

The one exception we have is Chanel eyeglasses and sunglasses. There is something only Chanel seems to do just right. They have such an amazing blend of styles that are so right now but still classic Chanel. 

Chanel Eyeglasses & Sunglasses - exclusive to The Eye Bar in St Louis.

Chanel 4194

Chanel 3231


New Video featuring L'Agence by Sama Eyewear. Love the company with the great glasses and sunglasses they make by hand. Designed in Hollywood, made in Japan, here for you to wear in St Louis and everywhere, found at The Eye Bar. Get noticed and wear the best.

l'agence sama eyewear st louis

Love this image.......Life is too short to wear Boring Glasses! I might add: Life is too short to wear poorly made eyewear!