Sarah Palins Glasses

Sarah Palin has received a ton of press since she has come on the scene.  She can be a polarizing political figure for many. One thing most everyone can agree on, however, is the eyewear she has looks great on her! Her first glasses that she came to be known for are the Kawasaki 704 rimless in a customized sharp rectangle. We have sold Kawasaki rimless eyewear for years. They are made extremely well and are durable. They have a unique design for rimless eyewear that allows the hardware to be attached putting very little pressure on the lenses themselves. This helps not get the cracking that happens with typical rimless frames.  We have been very pleased that a small independent designer for eyewear has had so much more attention!

Sarah Palin in Kawasaki Eyewear

Well, the new frames Sarah Palin is wearing is also a brand of eyewear we have been working with for a long time. Its a beautiful wood frame from a luxury independent eyewear designer handmade in Lux. Sarah Palin is now wearing Gold & Wood Style 13.1 in Carob and Satin Black. Its a beautiful wood frame from a luxury independent eyewear designer. Gold & Wood eyewear is known in the luxury world for many years. Its one of those brands that define luxury eyewear. Gold & Wood is made from the finest materials. The naturalness of rare and exotic woods, the incomparable quality of buffalo horn from Asia or Africa, the originality of carbon fibre and the exceptional properties of titanium. All these magnificent materials enhance the inimitable style of Gold & wood frames.

The Eye Bar is happy to show you Gold & Wood eyewear anytime except Mondays. If you are not near St Louis, feel free to take a look and buy the frames online!

Buy the exact frame Sarah Palin is wearing here → Gold & Wood Online.

Sarah Palin in Gold & Wood