What we do

Individual Styling

Pull up a stool at our bar, have a drink and let us show you the finest eyewear that fits your needs and individual personality. Do you want a statement piece? Beautiful jewelry for your face? Or even something low key but technical? We will find it for you.

Luxury and Unique Eyewear

Our Independent eyewear collections are designed by real eyewear designers and made by craftsman in Japan, France, Germany, and Italy. Our collections are handmade with the ultimate care and detail. Frames are made from premium cotton based acetate, pure titanium and surgical stainless steel.

Digital Lenses

Single Vision lenses, polarized lenses, digital/free-form lenses and the best anti-reflective coatings such as Crizal, Kodak Clean & Clear and Hoya EX3 are recommended. We utilize the finest digital progressive lenses from Hoya, Seiko, Varilux, Shamir, Kodak, Zeiss and others.

some interesting eye facts

6 in 10

People Wear Glasses or Contact Lenses

10 M

Number of colors the eye can distinguish


Number of Megapixels if eyes were digital cameras


Number of Times We Blink in a single day

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