Why buy your Eyewear from The Eye Bar?

Why buy from The Eye Bar?

1. All of our frames have a one year warranty direct from the manufacture.  We have a current ongoing relationship with all the lines we carry.  Why is that so important? We never sell a frame we cant warrant or replace.  We never want to see someone spend $100-$1000 on lenses and not be able to fix a frame that something happened to (like your dog chewing up a temple).

2. Our lenses carry a 2 year warranty directly from our lab. We use the same labs that Stacey has had a relationship for 10 plus years.  This gives us great flexibility with warranty issues or problems that could possibly happen. You have 90 days to make sure the prescription from your Doctor is correct since we can remake the lenses one time at no charge.  We only offer the best lenses with the finest scratch coatings, UV protection and anti-reflective.


3. You work directly with the owners of The Eye Bar. We are a family owned business and it is extremely important to us that you have the best experience possible when purchasing eyewear. No shifty sales techniques. No bait and switching. We simply want to share our love for great luxury eyewear. You will get the finest frames with the finest lenses the world has to offer.  Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

4. We strive to satisfy every price point.  We have frames from $65 to $1000 plus. All of our frames are made in Europe or Japan (except EyeBobs) and by anyones standards are great frames. While we do carry a few lines that are not small independent designers, we carry them because everyone wants them and they are great buy for the money. We have many tourists from Europe who come thru and want to go home with a Ray-Ban. While they dont compare to a Sama or Face a Face frame, they dont cost nearly as much.  We support independent designers and companies.  You will easily notice the difference in quality and craftsmanship.

5. We hand pick every frame in our store. Every frame you see is hand picked by Stacey or Jared to display in our store.  We select the pieces based on their quality, craftmanship, color, size and fashion.  We travel all over the world to see the latest in technology and fashion in eyewear.  No longer do you need to go to Chicago, New York, LA or Paris to get the finest eyewear.

So pull up a chair at The Eye Bar, have a glass of wine and let us share our passion for fantastic eyewear.

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