Eye Doctor in St. Louis Discusses Tips for Preventing Sports Injuries

Common Sports Related Eye Injuries

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s historical data, more than 2 million Americans sustain eye injuries each year. Many of those injuries occur during sporting activities like tennis, baseball, basketball, football and golf. The list of injuries often includes such things as detached retinas, scratched corneas and bruising. The good news is that almost all of them can be prevented. With that said, we’d like to offer the following injury prevention tips:


One of the best ways to prevent sports-related eye injuries is to schedule a routine eye exam with our eye doctor in St. Louis. During the exam, our St. Louis optician will check to make sure that your eyes are functioning optimally. When playing sports, it is crucial that they are in the best possible condition. Otherwise, you may not be able to see and react to dangerous situations in time.

If your eyes are not functioning optimally, the staff at our eyewear store in St. Louis can also help you select prescription eyewear. Ideally, your prescription eyewear should be made with a material like polycarbonate. It is impact resistant, shatterproof and capable of protecting a person’s eyes from UV rays.

In addition, our eye doctor in St. Louis can make recommendations as to which protective eyewear should also be worn during your favorite sporting activities. Examples include polycarbonate face guards, face masks, sports goggles and full helmets. They are most often available for purchase through major sporting goods stores and are worn in conjunction with prescription eyewear.

Those are just a few tips for preventing common sports injuries. To learn more, contact The Eye Bar. Our eye doctors in St. Louis would be more than happy to discuss the matter further and set-up your next eye exam. To speak to our eye doctors in St. Louis, call 314-367-1848.

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