Update Your Look with Luxury St Louis Eyewear and Simple Celebrity Makeup Tips

Fashion Forward Frames - Eyewear and Fashion Tips

So you've decided it's time to freshen-up your look with some new eye glasses. But with so many options available, where do you start?

The most important consideration, of course, is eye health so a comprehensive eye exam is the first step. Once the health of your eyes has been assessed and your prescription determined, the fun of selecting frames that suit your style and personality begins.

 Whether you gravitate toward classic or cutting-edge, sporty or industrial, expressive or understated, there's sure to be a collection you'll love.

And what about eye makeup to accompany your fabulous new frames? No matter what style of eyewear you choose, you can enhance and update your look even further by incorporating these simple tips from top celebrity stylists and makeup artists:

  1. -Bold frames? Chose neutral, earthy or subtle colors for your eye makeup, but stronger, brighter tones for lip color to bring overall balance. Simple, transparent or rimless frames partner well with bolder eye makeup colors, so your lips won't need to carry as much of the color load. 
  1. -Select matte or stain finishes for those shadows and liners – shimmery products will enhance flaws which your lenses can magnify even more, but don't shy away from adding some depth by using a lighter shade on the lid with a slightly deeper shade in the crease. 
  1. -If your lashes are long, curl them so they don't scrape the lenses and then apply a good smudge-proof mascara – little black lines on your lenses will be an annoyance for you and a distraction to your viewers.
  1. -Groom those brows! As your new eyewear draws attention to your eyes, those brows will be noticed more, too, so make sure you keep them neat and shaped. Balance is again called for, so also consider the weight and color of your brows as they appear along the top of your frames – no wild hairy caterpillars crawling along a fence, please!

Now – ignore all the above! What?! The truth is, "rules are made to be broken," as they say, so while the foregoing are great everyday tips, your own personal style trumps everything. So, if you occasionally like to express yourself with bright, bold eye shadow and lots of eyeliner, go for it and let those lenses magnify to your heart's content! Or if you choose show-stopping eye glasses, feel free to go light and natural with the makeup – including the lips – and let your frames make the statement.

If you're ready to update your look, enjoy a few moments perusing the variety of options available in The Eye Bar's St Louis eyewear collections of Mykita, Iyoko Inyake, Lunor and more, all of which offer superior quality, unique styling and luxurious materials. Then contact us...we'd love to answer any questions or help you select the glasses that will help you express yourself – whatever your frame or makeup style!

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