St. Louis Eye Doctor Discusses Common Swimmers’ Eye Problems

Eye problems from swimming

Swimmers' Eye: Three signs your eyes have had enough!

Many Missouri residents with their own backyard pools and spas are probably already familiar with the condition known as swimmers’ ear. It is a common problem that arises among avid swimmers. However, what they might not be aware of are eye problems that tend to befall swimmers. That said, our St. Louis eye doctors would like to touch upon that topic this week.


Chemical conjunctivitis and keratitis are just two common problems that avid swimming pool users may encounter this summer. The problems are understandably caused by prolonged exposure to swimming pool and spa chemicals. The first problem involves an inflamed conjunctiva and the second one is associated with corneal irritation. Collectively, the symptoms may include, but are not confined to:

  1. Intense itching and tender swollen areas located around the eyeball
  2. Overproduction of tears or the presence of other discharge
  3. Light sensitivity and a distressful burning sensation

If you start to experience those symptoms, contact a St. Louis eye doctor straightaway. He or she can assess the damage and flush your eyes with sterile saline. In some instances, a topical steroid may also be needed to provide ongoing relief and promote healing. Ways to avoid developing the two conditions in the future include wearing swimming goggles and vigilantly monitoring the water’s chemical levels.

Would you like to learn more about these and other swimming related eye problems? Contact the St. Louis eye doctors at The Eye Bar. Our eye doctors would welcome the opportunity to discuss the matter at length and provide you with a comprehensive eye exam. The eye exams offered by The Eye Bar’s venerable eye doctors include a full medical health screening that will help identify and correct any swimming related problems you may be experiencing. To schedule an eye exam in St. Louis, call us at 1-314-367-1848 or complete our online appointment form using your mobile device.

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