Kathleen Herring Design

One of our friends and customers at The Eye Bar is Kathleen Herring. She is an extremely talented graphic designer and an avid eyewear aficionado! She is a wonderful example of someone who loves her work and really lives it. We are very fond of the fact that Kathleen has truly made eyewear her signature look. Take a look at her website http://kathleenherringdesign.com. It will give you a little insight into whats shes about and the great work she does in the area of design.

We so love working with others who are as passionate about their work as we are at The Eye Bar. Kathleen is truly an example that great design can really communicate. We see it in her choice of eyewear and are glad to count her as a loyal customer. We love how she chooses to highlight her eyewear as a part of her own branding for Kathleen Herring Design. If you need any design work, you would be fortunate to work with her.