Avoid the complications of Computer Vision Syndrom St Louis residents by regular eye exams

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As daily life continues to evolve with the rise of the Internet era, the incidence of an eye condition dubbed Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) has certainly increased as most people spend an incredible amount of time in front of some sort of computer screen.

Although it is yet to be determined by eyehealth professionals if CVS results in permanent eye damage, the condition, which is characterized by eye irritation, blurred vision, headaches, backaches, neck aches and muscle fatigue, can and does make life miserable for those who are afflicted,while also affecting their work performance.

According to the American Optometric Association, CVS is caused by poor lighting, glare on the computer screen, improper viewing distances, poor seating posture, uncorrected vision problems, and a combination of all these factors.

While environmental factors such as adjusting the lighting, altering the position of the computer or varying how the person views the screen can diminish or eliminate CVS, the first step in seeking aid for this problem is going straight to the eye doctor.

In an article by the Penn Eye Care Scheie Eye Institute, nearly 71 percent of people reporting symptoms of CVS wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. These subjects also report more eye, neck and back pain than people who do not need visual aids. This could be a result of people not using their eyewear properly.

Also, people with bifocals, trifocals and progressive addition lense users are especially prone to this condition and normally have much more severe symptoms, as these prescriptions make it much more difficult to view things straight ahead or an arm's length away.

The examination to diagnose CVS is not much more detailed than a normal eye appointment. A patient's history will be reviewed, visual acuity measurements will be taken and how the eyes focus and move together will be reviewed. Refraction is also another step in this evaluation.

Once it is determined if the individual is indeed suffering from CVS, they will either be prescribed eye aids, have their eyewear prescription adjusted or undergo visual training or visual therapy to train the eyes and brain to work together more effectively.

All in all, the only true way to know if a person does possess CVS is to take that trip to the eye doctor and consistently make it a priority.

For residents of the st louis area, eye exams are definitely as important as they are for other denizens of this nation, not only in the case of CVS, but for overall eye health.

If you would like more information on CVS and or to schedule an appointment for an evaluation please feel free to contact ustoday!

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